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We put the plan into action! And we provide on-going customer interaction.

How we can help

Our Services

If you’re done doing it alone, we can help you on your journey towards a better social media presence for your company. We have created a sales kit presenting our services and the different social media packages we offer.


What Makes Us Different?

We believe that your brand story is best told when it has original photos, engaging videos, well written posts and community interaction. Social media is the perfect platform to build a relationship with the public in an open, honest, transparent way, without the pressure of the sale. Yet, it has been proven to increase sales!


You have their attention!

Your audience is listening and you have the opportunity to build trust long before they need your services. So when the time comes, you are at the top of their mind, and they already feel like they know you. We have all seen the stats, and we know that it is important to be online, but being there is the bare minimum. You actually have to socialize, make an impression and be memorable… otherwise, what’s the point of showing up in the first place? Why not really show them what you can do while you have their attention and they are listening?


This is where we come in.

You’re busy running your business, and you don’t always have time to dream up engaging ideas, implement them, and then follow up with comments not to mention engaging with your potential customers’ posts as well, (because it is a 2-way street). TKL Media creates engaging content for your brand – and not just simple pictures. We use an influencer’s approach for all our clients social media. That means frequent content, photos shoots (so you can get away form those stock images) and engaging video creation. We plan it, make it happen and then follow through with posting and commenting. So you don’t have to add more to your to-do list.


Let’s Entertain Them

It’s not about posting, it’s about showing up, partaking, sharing your knowledge, being transparent and letting people see a new side of your business. It’s about giving people valuable, quality content that they enjoy. It’s also about commenting and showing up on your community’s social feeds too.

Building that relationship with your community is the best way you can tell your brand story and communicate what it is you can do for them, on an on-going basis.

Beat creative block

Go on, get out there!

You want to reach and connect with all kinds of new people through social media, but it’s hard to think up new and exciting things to talk about! It’s also very hard to dedicate the time required to make meaningful connections. No matter what your business model, your company has a voice and personality that should be expressed in your social media, but it’s so much easier to just post a generic image or a popular quote – but that does not represent you and all you have to offer!

We’ve got you. Download our free list of creative ideas to inspire you and help you to engage your customers.

AW, shucks…

TKL Media will become such a valuable asset to your company with their high-energy enthusiasm for running engaging social media! 

Shanna Dennis
Brand Strategist, Enticity

We’re no stranger
to social media

We are the two women behind “This Kinda Life”. A successful online show where we air our hilarious misadventures of navigating life with kids (and husbands). Over the years, we have created original content (blogs, photos, videos, etc.) aimed to help our local and online community know what’s out there, available to them. Quite often a behind-the-scenes look at what holds our audience’s interest. We are consistently growing our facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts, and have brought people and business together without any sales pitches. We’re just honest, good people, telling great stories – and people love that!

We want to take the same honest approach to your brand story and tell it with blogs, photos and video to engage your local and online community too!  

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