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Banting Homestead

His creation is credited with saving millions of lives, and now the co-founder of Insulin, Sir Fredrick Banting is being remembered in his hometown of Alliston. For more than 100 years the Banting family lived on the farm property in Alliston. Their son, Fredrick had a typical childhood going to school in the area in the late 1800’s before heading off to University for studies in general arts. It wasn’t until he transferred to medicine that things became very untypical. Banting was a war hero,Continue reading

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Heart is Where the Home is Book Review

Barrie author inspires in her book, Heart is Where the Home is Before I met Vanessa Marie Dewsbury I kind of knew her. We had mutual friends, we were both photographers, and for years we were aware of each other, but were never introduced. It wasn’t until I met her in real life that I realized there was a connection. I’m a little intuitive and spiritual. I see and feel things that others can’t, and that can be hard to understand. Once I met VanessaContinue reading

Keys to the City

Keys to the City of Barrie: Lacrosse

In this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, brought to you by Pratt Homes, we check out Barrie Minor Lacrosse. We were invited to the Barrie Sports Dome to join the kids in a clinic. The kids are all around six to years old, and many have already been playing for three years. After talking to the players we realized the main skill required for this game is running. Lots and lots of running! Lacrosse is a tough sport. It requires hand and eyeContinue reading


March Break Activity Guide 2018

Here’s your TKL March Break Activity Guide for the Simcoe County area if you’re looking for things to do! Indoor Play: Hate the cold, but your kids need to burn some energy? We have you covered! Visit local indoor play places like Kings and Castles, Treetops Playground. If your kids are a little older, XPlay is a must visit! The trampoline park will tire them out, plus you need to check out the huge lazer tag area. Minotaur Sports offers drop in Nerf battles. JustContinue reading

New and old design with Pratt Homes

Blending New and Old with Pratt Homes

Our friends at Pratt Homes show us how they blended new and old designs to create an exquisite sales office, that’s more than just a show stopper…it’s winning them awards! When you walk into the Pratt Homes Banting Square sales office in Alliston, you immediately see these rustic doors with Pratt’s logos on it, opening to a grand room that feels like an upscale throwback to a time long, long ago. Beyond those doors you see a massive heavy wooden table with iron chairs reminiscentContinue reading


How I Learned to Lean into my Marriage

Sarah shares what she’s learned about a happy home life, by leaning into her marriage. On TKL, we poke fun at our lives as moms and wives and we get away with it because at home things are typically solid. Now, that doesn’t mean that things are always sunshine and daisies, but after a decade of marriage here are some of the things that work for my relationship. Lean In If you’ve read the book by Sheryl Sandberg, you know what I’m talking about. ButContinue reading

Hardwood SKi and Bike
Keys to the City

Keys to the City of Barrie: Cross Country Skiing

This week on the Keys to the City of Barrie, we try Cross Country Skiing at Hardwood Ski and Bike. We’ve toured downhill facilities and thought, cross country should be easier than chair lifts and snowplows, but guess what? We were wrong! This type of skiing is 100% a workout! While Hardwood Ski and Bike says everyone can do it, and they’re right, they also say that you can customize your experience to suit your needs. You can casually glide through the trails and beContinue reading


Plan Your Wedding in Five Minutes

On our Bell Fibe TV1 show we had so much fun with Keep Them Dancing and Posh Beyond Events as we challenged them to plan a wedding in five minutes. We were at the gorgeous Belcroft Estate, located just outside of Barrie as they helped us plan the decor, the cake, the ceremony and the party! Posh Beyond events says decor is the ultimate way to wow your guests, and the biggest trend is metallic! Soft, feminine colours in rose gold and blush are allContinue reading

The Chat

Sex as You Age: The Chat

Sex as we get older definitely changes. Gone are the days of swiping everything off the table and getting down all over the place. Children, no matter if they’re younger or older, they can be pretty big blockers in the romance department. However, there are ways to keep the flame burning, it just takes a little bit of effort and a whole lot of rules. For us, the biggest rule is to observe that window of opportunity. We’ve been caring for people all day, andContinue reading

Keys to the City

Keys to the City of Barrie: Snow Valley Snow School

Our final stop on the tour of area ski and snowboard resorts is Snow Valley Barrie. It’s boasts a family atmosphere, for many who grew up in Barrie, this is the hill they first learned how to ski or snowboard. Luckily for us, Georgia gave us an afternoon off and took our kids to the Adventure Learning Park to teach them how to ski for the first time. Watch the video to see how they progressed and learn more about the snow school. Keys toContinue reading