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Natural Flu Fighting Soup Recipe

No Flu Shot? No Problem! Try This Natural Flu Fighting Soup. The flu has been nothing short of brutal this winter. Sarah’s family had it for weeks! So did my neighbours, friends, school friends, teachers and pretty much everyone around me. Husband included! I feel like I’m the last one standing this flu season. Just call me Darryl, female survivor of what can be best described as a flu version of the Walking Dead. I believe this natural flu fighting soup is the reason why IContinue reading


The Hungry Whale

Curling up with a good book is a favourite pastime at our homes. One of Sarah’s favourite memories is reading to her first baby girl Ellie when she was just a few months old. Fast forward nine years later and Ellie’s a book lover, usually staying up way past bedtime to wrap up a chapter. Passing that onto six-year old Abby hasn’t been as easy. Maybe that’s because of more hectic schedules and juggling more than one kid. Reading hasn’t come as easy as itContinue reading

Keys to the City

Keys to the City of Barrie: Tubing at Horseshoe

The next stop on our tour of area ski resorts is Horseshoe Resort, and we feature the newly expanded tube park in this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, brought to you by Pratt Homes. This tube park is smack in the middle of the adventure park at the resort, and while you stand on the magic carpet that takes you up the hill, you get an amazing view of the ski hills around you. Horseshoe says their tube runs are the longest inContinue reading