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Bliss Beyond the Mat

We have experienced the various yoga classes and fitness classes offered at BLISS Ann Green Yoga, and now it’s time to take you beyond the mat. Ann shows us how to become Shineologists like her. Ann believes we need to retreat to nature as much as possible. To recharge and reenergize using nature in everyday life. It could be by bringing nature inside the home, or heading to the lake or the woods to connect. At Bliss they believe in the balance of healthy bodiesContinue reading


Experience of Bliss

For years we drove past Bliss Ann Green Yoga’s studio, the beautiful green building on the waterfront in Barrie, and wondered what it was like inside. We were big fans of yoga and often took classes at gyms or community centres, but not in a local studio. The minute you walk into the studio, it’s like the walls vibrate with soothing, calming vibes. Almost like there are invisible arms reaching for you in an inviting way. We were greeted with a huge smile from aContinue reading