Tag: March Break


TKL Goes to Blue Mountain

Looking for something to do with the kids, head to Blue Mountain! Sarah and Apryl checked out the ski school and the Village and found that skiing is fun and Apres Ski is delicious. First, they went to check in, which was made super easy with tablets on the wall where you fill out your info and then off you go. Ski School supervisor Josef said even though they haven’t been on skis in a long time, it should come back to them, and heContinue reading


Snow Tubing at Snow Valley

Living in Barrie, you have to love the snow. We’re famous for our snow! And if you don’t embrace winter, well, it’ll be a long winter. Sarah and Apryl ventured to Snow Valley Resort in Barrie to check out Snow Tubing, and for Sarah, it was her first time! Tubing became popular in the 90’s and came to Snow valley 19 years ago, and at the time you had to WALK your tube UP the HILL. That’s right, old school! Now there are lifts thatContinue reading