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Checking out Treetops Playground in Barrie

The kids are getting out of school and that means we need to find ways to entertain them for the next 8 weeks. EEK! Thankfully Treetops Playground opened its doors this week, offering us a chance to get a break while the kids play hard in the indoor playground. The cost per child is $10, but if you plan on going a lot, take advantage of the multiple pass offers, which works out to about $4 per kid per visit. The playground is good forContinue reading


Nerf Battles at Minotaur Sports

Entertaining your kids can be challenging during the winter months, but Minotaur Sports and Recreation in Barrie has a remedy for that. The facility off of Bayview Drive has a huge room with inflatable barricades so the kids can have an all out Nerf War and not worry about making too much noise or too much mess. The arsenal Minotaur has on hand is what every kid dreams of! And the best part is, there’s no shortage of the bullets. Minotaur is available by appointmentContinue reading