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Big Hair, Don’t Care!

For people like Apryl with fine hair that often doesn’t have any life to it, John Linkert is about to blow your mind! With all the products out there it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. Apryl has tried it all! She even permed her hair once to get volume. It was a disaster! John recommends the obvious: volumizing shampoo and conditioner, a volume mousse and spray. ¬†What is not so obvious is using dry shampoo when you need that extraContinue reading


Is Boxed Hair Colour Bad for you?

  Getting the right colour is a priority for everyone, but sometimes we worry that we don’t have time and sometimes can’t afford to go to the salon every month for a touch up. John Linkert of John Linkert Salon and Spa says there are always options. “When you see your hairstylist, talk to them about low maintenance vs. high maintenance. They’ll be honest with you and tell you what’s your best move to transition to proper colour.” What’s really bad about? Here are aContinue reading