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Fitness Check In – The Half Way Point

Sarah and Apryl are on a fitness journey with the help of their trainer Christina from Energy Balance and today they’re checking in to see their results thus far, after six weeks! The results were very exciting.  Sarah lost 9 pounds and Apryl lost 8, both lost 10 inches! Christina says this is exactly the pace she wants them to lose, which is about 1 pound per week. The program is a 12 minute HIIT workout and Christina has them on a food combining mealContinue reading


Healthy Beginnings

We have started a health journey! Yeah, we know, you’ve heard that before. We start something that will make us healthier, only to fail miserably weeks…or days later.  That’s why we are so excited to have Christina from Energy Balance work with us for the next 12 weeks. Christina is a busy mom of 2 , and a personal trainer with more than 12 years of experience. When she had her daughter she realized her days were so hectic it was impossible to fit herContinue reading


Experiencing Fitness at Bliss

Ann Green has made a name for herself as an internationally renown yogi, but she’s also an incredible athlete off of the mat. Recently, she was able to dead lift nearly 300 pounds with her own trainer! You know she takes fitness seriously. It’s a passion she’s eager to share with the world, and her members, as she offers fitness classes in addition to yoga. From TRX, to spin class to her fun Surf Set classes, Ann is giving her members a chance to workContinue reading


Circuit Training in the Park

Sarah and Apryl have started the TKL Summer Slim Down Challenge. Pat Savoury of Pat on Your Back Personal Fitness helps them kick start the fitness part in this quick and effective circuit. Here are the details of the circuit: Do each exercise for 30 seconds with a 45 second rest between each move. Continue to do the circuit for 30 minutes. Squats – Feet are hip-width apart, lower yourself in a sitting position and then back up. Alternating Lunges – Step forward, longer thanContinue reading