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Story of the Ring Part 2

We are back with Michael Smiley Fine Jewellery for Part 2 of the Story of the Ring. This time Jeremy tells us about the process of making a custom ring. Jeremy admits, he had done his research. He found some designs he thought his then girlfriend would like and brought those images to Michael. Throughout the conversation, Michael asked a lot of questions about his girlfriend’s interests and hobbies, thinking about how she moves her hands too. Every two weeks Jeremy would come in toContinue reading

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The Chat December 7

  Sarah and Apryl take some much needed time out for themselves at Scandinave Blue Mountain where they soak their stresses away. Taking time for yourself is so important, especially this time of year, but it definitely comes with some Mom Guilt. So, are we putting too much expectations on ourselves? How do you deal with Mom Guilt? Thank you to Scandinave for having us, and be sure to enter their contest online! They’re giving away great prizes every day and giving lots of moneyContinue reading


Total Living Concepts Transforms a Master Ensuite

TKL has teamed up with Total Living Concepts, Barrie’s own design experts, to bring you a series of amazingly drool-worthy home transformations. In this segment, Kim moved the entire bathroom layout so it would be more functional and have a spa-like feel to it. In the before photo, the bathroom vanity was on the opposite wall. The owners liked the double sink, but TLC felt it would be more appropriate to have it on the where it could be featured the minute you open theContinue reading


The Chat october 19

Do you work from home? Are you a parent? How on EARTH do you do it? Sarah and Apryl rant a little about the challenges of working with children. Disclaimer: Sarah and Apryl really love their kids and DO have very supportive partners and families. However, sometimes it feels great to vent and call their kids jerks in the heat of the moment.


Head Lice Prevention

It’s hard to tell kids not to share everything, but when it comes to hats and brushes, John Linkert of John Linkert Salon and Spa says DON’T! TKL visited John at his salon to talk about head lice and ways he says parents can help prevent the spread of the creepy crawlies. John’s non-chemical tips don’t get rid of the bugs, but the tips can definitely help you keep them at bay. Dirty Hair – Lice don’t like dirty hair. They prefer clean hair toContinue reading


TKL Reviews the Goby Keyboard

There are two things TKL loves: locally made products and their mobile devices. The Goby keyboard brings those two things together! We had the opportunity to use the keyboard over a couple of days and here’s what we found out. The Pros: We easily synced the keyboard Sarah’s iPhone. It was so simple to do, and the instructions are on one page. ONE PAGE! Super easy to read and easy to set up. We got right to work, pushing buttons¬†that pertain to what we doContinue reading


Chat October 12

This week’s chat gives you a peek into Sarah and Apryl’s drawers….underwear drawers that is! Can you believe they keep these? Watch the video to see some horrendous pieces they refuse to get rid of. Plus, do you give excuses to get out of being intimate with your partner? We show you a video that’s getting a lot of attention…but maybe for the wrong reasons. Weigh in! Is it funny, or kind of sad?