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Huge News!

We are so excited to share some big news for TKL and TKL fans. While we LOVE producing our videos online, we are now going to be producing for TV! Sarah and Apryl began their careers in local television and the opportunity to partner with Bell Fibe TV1 means they get to return to their roots, cover the area they love and continue with the TKL content. TKL will be producing 18 episodes over the next several months and will be on the Bell FibeContinue reading

The Chat

The Chat – Peeing Pants, Kegels and More

Men, just keep scrolling. There’s nothing to see here. Women, sit down, watch and weigh in! Tell us, why is it that women seem to have more and more issues with “down there” as we get older? And further more, why is no one talking about it? Thank God for Sex and City for educating us on greying pubic hair, and celebrities like Amy Schumer for shining some light on women’s bodily functions that, up until now, made us feel like we were the onlyContinue reading

TKL in the Community

How Hard is Your Slap Shot?

We’re excited to tell you about another contest where you could win $500!! This time we’ve teamed up with Sunflow Solar and 4Hundred Source for Sports who are challenging all hockey fans to bring their best shot! Between Thursday, February 16 and Saturday, February 18, visit 4Hundred Source for Sports and slap shot a puck at one of Sunflow Solar’s panels. If you break it, you win!

The Chat

The Chat – Hiding the Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays were so wonderful. So much good food, great wine, the chocolate everywhere, the pies! Even though we indulged to our hearts’ content and had a really great holiday with family and friends…..reality is setting in for us. Big time! While we’re working on getting ourselves back to healthy, we offer a few tips to get through the next few weeks when your pants don’t fit. Our Tips for Hiding the Fat: Wear baggy clothes: ┬áSarah has a fabulous vest that’s completely in styleContinue reading