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The Chat – Teacher Gifts

Another school year is almost over and the kids will be ours full time. While we’re excited to have some fun time with our children, we recognize the fact that we may be pulling our hair out by August 1. For six hours a day, teachers take our kids to help develop their young minds. We know, you’re not our nannies or day care providers, but those six hours are so precious to us! Not only that, but we know what kind of crap ourContinue reading

The Chat

Happy Birthday TKL

One year ago we launched This Kinda Life. We weren’t sure if people would embrace it or think it weird, but we put blind faith into what we were doing. From the day we launched we felt this incredible welcoming in the community, and one year later, that hasn’t changed. We have met new people, made new friends, and also had amazing experiences. Most days we can’t believe this is our job! A few things that are our favourite moments of the past year areContinue reading

The Chat

The Chat – Ode to our 20’s

We love our lives and our families, but sometimes, when exhaustion creeps in, we find ourselves desperately wanting to spend one day living in our early 20’s. Oh yes, to go back in time! Sarah says she would give herself a good stern talking to and tell her younger self to stop the complaining. Life isn’t hard! Enjoy it…and your skinny pants! Apryl would pretty much sleep and watch TV all day long with no one to tell her she couldn’t. While sure, there areContinue reading

TKL in the Community

Simcoe Community Services Fashion Show

The goal was to raise $25,000 but what happened at Maverick’s Music Hall was so much bigger. Simcoe Community Services’ 22nd Annual Champions Fashion Show featured local clothing stores, local representatives, a packed room and a giant catwalk where the models strutted their stuff. The models were the many people who use the services provided by SCS. Some were shy but most were excited to be on stage. While the financial goal was $25,000, awareness of how SCS helps so many in the community. WithContinue reading