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Whether it’s TKL finding the latest fashion trends or our contributors offering you their expert advise, follow us on our journey to a more stylish life.


Lakeside Renovation

Our design experts, Total Living Concepts are back with a gorgeous renovation of a home on Lake Simcoe. Have a peek inside at the large island, a laundry room of dreams and an award winning powder room. Glen Prairie and his team didn’t just update the home. They went in an completely transformed it, by moving stairs, walls and rooms. ¬†Glen said he sat down with the home owners and found they were big time foodies and needed a kitchen fit for people who lovedContinue reading


Getting Bronzed at the Sun Emporium

Winter months are tough. The sun is hardly out, we’re stuck inside and our bronzed skin from the summer is long gone. Some people are fortunate enough (or smart enough) to head south to get that dose of vitamin D. Others are not. We met up with our friend Christian ( you may remember his TKL segment “He Did What?!” from last summer) to check out his new business, The Sun Emporium. He has a dozen rooms full of all the latest and greatest tanningContinue reading


Permanent Make Up

Jenni Lin loves making women look their best. She has been a total pro in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years establishing herself as an expert in the field with her gorgeous eyelash extensions and so much more. One of the things Jenni is passionate about is¬†permanent make up. Hey, what woman doesn’t want the chance to wake up and get out the door without having to stand in front of the mirror for a long time applying make up? Definitely not Apryl. PermanentContinue reading


The Purple Basement

Our TKL design experts, Total Living Concepts blew our minds with this basement overhaul. The basement was used as a storage area, but the owners really wanted to transform it into a place they could relax and entertain, but not compromise the storage space they needed. So, Celeste Pilon went to work and created a warm space with a gorgeous bar. She had the fireplace installed, heated floors, cork tiles and storage galore! The part that really pulled it all together was the deep purpleContinue reading


The Nude Lip

  Jenni Lin of JL Studio gives us a tutorial on how to get the perfect nude lip. She uses foundation to cover the lip first, then using a lip pencil, trace the lip line. When it’s time to use the lip colour, think of a nice pale pink tone that has a bit of sheen to it. That way you don’t have to cover it with gloss. While applying the lipstick, be sure to go over the lip pencil. You want that nice coveredContinue reading


DIY Holiday Urns

Do you love the holidays like we do? Are you so pumped to get decorating and trying out new ideas for your outdoor decor? Or are you like the TKL Crew who are completely clueless when it comes crafting? We went to Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery in Barrie where Gabrielle showed us the correct way to make beautiful urns. Check them out online and don’t forget they have a number of workshops over the next month to help you create these full urns with aContinue reading