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Eyelash Extension Review and Why we Can’t Live Without Them!

We review eyelash extensions and find we can’t live without them! For us, our jobs can make our beauty routine pretty high maintenance. The skin prep, the make up application, the touch ups, the cleansing, the nightly moisturizing. It’s a never-ending cycle. Despite our best attempts, we still have days we look tired.  We think most moms do! We were approached by Helena of New Tec Lashes in Alliston to try lash extensions. We were admittedly hesitant at first because we have heard the upkeepContinue reading

New and old design with Pratt Homes

Blending New and Old with Pratt Homes

Our friends at Pratt Homes show us how they blended new and old designs to create an exquisite sales office, that’s more than just a show stopper…it’s winning them awards! When you walk into the Pratt Homes Banting Square sales office in Alliston, you immediately see these rustic doors with Pratt’s logos on it, opening to a grand room that feels like an upscale throwback to a time long, long ago. Beyond those doors you see a massive heavy wooden table with iron chairs reminiscentContinue reading


Plan Your Wedding in Five Minutes

On our Bell Fibe TV1 show we had so much fun with Keep Them Dancing and Posh Beyond Events as we challenged them to plan a wedding in five minutes. We were at the gorgeous Belcroft Estate, located just outside of Barrie as they helped us plan the decor, the cake, the ceremony and the party! Posh Beyond events says decor is the ultimate way to wow your guests, and the biggest trend is metallic! Soft, feminine colours in rose gold and blush are allContinue reading


Outdoor Living with Sandra Roberts

We got a sneak peek into Pie Media CEO and Publisher, Sandra Roberts’ cottage refresh a few weeks ago, and now she’s showing us around her backyard transformation. Sandra took her waterfront property and transformed it into a place where you could hang outside year round. Her dock is one area that you will notice doesn’t look like your typical dock. Instead of having a boat tied to it, she has a gas fireplace table from Napoleon, bean bag chairs from D.O.T. and gorgeous MuskokaContinue reading