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Nerf Battles at Minotaur Sports

Entertaining your kids can be challenging during the winter months, but Minotaur Sports and Recreation in Barrie has a remedy for that. The facility off of Bayview Drive has a huge room with inflatable barricades so the kids can have an all out Nerf War and not worry about making too much noise or too much mess. The arsenal Minotaur has on hand is what every kid dreams of! And the best part is, there’s no shortage of the bullets. Minotaur is available by appointmentContinue reading


Snow Tubing at Snow Valley

Living in Barrie, you have to love the snow. We’re famous for our snow! And if you don’t embrace winter, well, it’ll be a long winter. Sarah and Apryl ventured to Snow Valley Resort in Barrie to check out Snow Tubing, and for Sarah, it was her first time! Tubing became popular in the 90’s and came to Snow valley 19 years ago, and at the time you had to WALK your tube UP the HILL. That’s right, old school! Now there are lifts thatContinue reading


Career Resolutions

  We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but do you apply that to your career? Kristina Sammut, President and Founder of Executive Coaching for Women is on a mission to help over one thousand women in 3-5 years receive career advancement through promotion, salary increases and more. ┬áThe first step in achieving that is to close out 2016 by pausing and recapping the year that was. “What do you want to take with you, and what are you going to let go of and leaveContinue reading


Pregnant with Cancer

  Micheline Robichaud is fighting for her life, and the life of her unborn son. When she was three months pregnant, she started bleeding. Alarmed, she sought the help from doctors who thought it was a urinary tract infection. When it wasn’t getting better, Micheline found the help she needed in a gynecologist who knew right away the symptoms were not good. “She said, I’d like to perform a PAP test,” Micheline said of that day. ┬áThis would be the first PAP test she wouldContinue reading


Something New!

TKL was a small idea that began in the summer of 2015. It was a small idea that grew and grew until we couldn’t ignore it anymore. You know when something becomes an obsession? This one became such an obsession we couldn’t ignore it anymore. It made us tingle with the excitement thinking of the possibilities. It consumed our thoughts and our conversations. When the obsession got too big, we weren’t sure where to begin. That’s when it all happened. The Universe collided and openedContinue reading