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Keys to the City

Keys to the City of Barrie: Heritage Estates

In this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, brought to you by Pratt Homes, we head to Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery for a taste and a tour! We’ve been to wineries in Niagara and Napa, but we are so excited that there is a place closer to home in which to indulge our love of the grape! Heritage Estate is just outside of Barrie on Penetanguishene Road and offers a Vidal, Baco Noir and a slew of other wine varieties. What Heritage EstateContinue reading


Funky Hair with John Linkert

Often we have envied people with funky colours and cuts, but we’re WAY too afraid of the commitment. Doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun! John Linkert of John Linkert Salon  in Barrie shows us how we can have fun hair that washes out the next day. Perfect for moms, teens or anyone is doesn’t like commitment.